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I'm sorry for the shut down of the old rpg but there were many inappropriate pictures on the old rpg. This time, I'mma be more strict if you don't follow the rules. NO ADVERTISING!! Please send us any suggestions on how this rpg could actually get even better!! Thanks



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Revelation Online a way to Craft Gear

Revelation Online: a way to Craft Gear, Refine instrumentality

Revelation on-line remains presently undergoing varied closed beta tests, however some revelation online gold gamers WHO have managed to urge in some play-time with the coming MMO are inquisitive about a way to refine instrumentality, craft gear and upgrade things. This temporary Revelation on-line guide can facilitate purpose you within the right direction.

YouTuber RedChain MMO diversion place along a thirteen minute guide for Revelation on-line, covering the game’s upgrade and crafting aspects and the way you'll build use of them. you'll look at the video below.

For your convenience the video truly breaks down every of the segments into classes.

For gear crafting you’ll got to sit down with AN government agency. There area unit 2 NPCs at the most city that handle gear cheap revelation online gold crafting. after you sit down with them they’ll show you what gear you'll craft by applying all of the suitable ingredients and material.

If you don’t have the suitable materials, you'll get them from the name and Order government agency vendors. If you have got the requisite things merely click on the “Craft” button within the menu when reprimand the government agency.

You’ll even be able to notice the benefit revelation online gythil government agency merchandiser simply south of the most sq., as indicated within the image below.BY http://www.playerhot.com/games/revelation-online/Golds here now... more revelation online gold from us. come on!



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